20BOB Club

What can 20bob do in Kenya? Can it change a country? Can it help you when your stuck somewhere? Well the answers are yes it can change a country and yes it can help you! With 20bob you can join the WE ARE MORE club. Why? Because we believe we can change Kenya and we know you want a better country. So why don’t we change ourselves first, as a member you are obligated to shun vices in Kenya and choose to be different.

But you also have help when your being wrongfully prosecuted by the government or county government. Or, you might want to challenge something e.g. fuel prices, unfair actions by the government or county government and you need someone to help. Like Okiya Omtatah, but you need someone to stand with you. We are here for you!

In the Kenya we are in right now, 50 shillings is fare for someone or chapati maharagwe, 100 bob is Unga, 20 bob we can all spare.

Membership Account

Our goals:

-1 million members
-Impact Kenya for the better by bringing Kenyans together!! Let’s raise the standards.

Benefits of joining:

  • Monthly prompts of exclusive legal information to help you know the law
  • You can request for information to be published of a legal nature to educate you.
  • Exempted from paying Ksh.100 to register a case, if the case is against the government. We will help you take up action. These can be cases like harassment by police, bribery, wrongful arrest.


  • Choose to be different by making a difference
  • You cannot bribe anyone, or cut short cuts anymore!
  • You cannot litter in Kenya
  • You cannot urinate in public places
  • You are bound by Article 10(2) of the Constitution especially on;
    a) Participation, Patriotism and following the rule of law
    b) Treating people with dignity and ensure social justice
    c) Be a person of integrity, transparency and accountability

How will the money be used?

  • Creating online civic education content to reach Kenyans
  • Go to the ground to educate Kenyans on their rights

If we have a surplus:

  • The money will go to assisting Kenyans identified by member only.
  • Assisting individuals with school fees.
  • Assisting with food for a family in need.

20BOB Club Membership Pricing

Reach 1 million members and impact Kenya for the better by bringing Kenyans together!! Let’s raise the standards.


Ksh 20

100 bob for 6 months
200 Bob for 12 months


Ksh 5000

For individuals life
time account


Ksh 2500

For individuals life
time account

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20Bob Club

Digital Legal Aid

Digital Legal Aid

We are more demands accountability and transparency using law and technology to synergize people’s rights. We believe that citizens are bound to participate, deserve good governance, transparency & accountability

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