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About Us

About We are More

Who we are

|We Are More| is an organization that demands accountability and transparency using law and technology to synergize people’s rights. We believe that citizens are bound to participate, deserve good governance, transparency & accountability as embedded in the constitution A.10. Hence using technology we look to enforce these beliefs. Our mantra being “fairness for all generations” so we strongly advocate for inter-generational equity. Our current actions must consider future generations to come.

What we Do

Drawing Kenyans to embrace the responsibility they have towards their country. Urging the mass to put away every action and word that elevates their individual differences and opinions over ‘being human’; to remember that the ordinary neighbour today is tomorrow’s saviour. #WeStandTogether because |WE ARE MORE| than than our individual opinions and differences.

Our Mission

To provide and ensure justice to every injustice in Kenya.

Our Mission

Helping Kenya become a place where every citizen is active in developing it, informed of it’s needs and be great through service to one another.

Our Theme

We stand together.