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April 2016

Where we Started

From the corridors of the University of Nairobi, Mombasa Campus, WE ARE MORE emerged in 2016. As a student initiative, rooted in the School of Law. WE ARE MORE has over the years grown to a community-based organisation looking to tackle the problems in our society by synergising law and technology. Over the years we have partaken in many causes looking to better our society from; Eradicating violent extremism: with Jumuia ya Wanafunzi wa Pwani during the plight of radicalization of students in the coastal region, WE ARE MORE was on the forefront of countering extremism in our region.

May 2018


Advocating for peaceful elections in our society: as an organization, we felt it was paramount to preach for a peaceful election due to our experiences with the post-election violence of 2008. Hence we set on a mission to collect peace pledges in our region, going to schools, linking up with local artists to create motivating content and organizing a peace forum.

November 2019


Civic education: as an organization compromising of law students we felt an obligation towards our fellow citizens due to the lack of civic awareness in our country. So we set the ball rolling by provoking citizens through images online, challenging them on their knowledge of our laws. Rewarding them with our innovative wrist-bands, through our online pledge challenge.

May 2020

Digital Platforms

All these efforts have led to the culmination of our efforts in our digital platform. After an extensive research on the issues plaguing our nation and understanding our strengths and weaknesses as an organization. We believe, we shall be able to tackle three pillars of law on one digital platform. We have launched the first digital legal aid platform in collaboration with the University of Nairobi Mombasa Campus, School of Law.

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